Warranty & Returns




All Tom Christiansen Audio products are covered by a warranty as follows.

  • The warranty period is determined by the product price at the time of the sale:
    • $0 – $499: One-year warranty
    • $500 – $999: Three-year warranty
    • $1000+: Five-year warranty
  • The warranty period begins the day of your purchase.
  • The date of purchase shall be determined from the purchase receipt. If a receipt is not available, the date of manufacture will be used to determine the warranty period.
  • The warranty applies to the original purchaser and is NOT transferrable. 
  • The warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship.
  • The warranty does NOT cover cosmetic defects or damage caused by reasonably expected wear and tear.
  • The warranty does NOT cover damage caused by abuse or misuse of the product or any damage not caused by defects in materials or workmanship.
  • The warranty does NOT cover if the product has been modified or otherwise tampered with.
  • The warranty does NOT cover if the product serial number has been defaced or removed.

Should you need to ship your product for repair under the warranty, please contact me beforehand to obtain your return authorization (RA) number. Please include in your warranty request the product name, serial number, your order number (if available), and a detailed description of the fault and how to reproduce it.

Buyer pays the shipping cost associated with shipping the product to Tom Christiansen Audio. I pay the cost of shipping the product back to the buyer (or, for trans-shipped products, to the buyer's trans-shipper or agent) following repair. 

If no defect in materials or workmanship is found, the buyer will pay shipping both ways. Thus, please consult the product manual and troubleshoot your setup before requesting a warranty return.

If your product develops a defect in materials or workmanship within the first two weeks following receipt, I will do my best to get it replaced as quickly as possible at no cost to you. Note, however, that in case of trans-shipped products, I will only cover the cost of shipping to and from the trans-shipper.



Should you not be entirely satisfied with your purchase and wish to return it, please contact me to obtain your return authorization (RA) number. In your request for return, please include the product name, product serial number, your order number, and your reason for return. Please be specific in your reason as specific feedback helps me design better products.

Returns are accepted under the following conditions: 

  • The return period is two weeks (14 calendar days) starting the day your product was delivered to you or to your trans-shipper or agent.
  • A restocking fee of a minimum of 15 % of the purchase price applies to returns. 
  • Returned products need to be returned in their original packaging with all original accessories included, or a reconditioning fee will apply.
  • Return of products which have been dropped, broken, abused, modified, tampered with, or otherwise mistreated will NOT be accepted.