Tom Christiansen

I am Tom Christiansen and I design kick-ass audio circuits!

My amplifiers are precision analog circuits. They are designed to be as close as possible to an ideal amplifier – i.e. an amplifier that amplifies the signal without adding impurities. Thus, my amplifiers feature ultra-low harmonic distortion, exceptionally low intermodulation distortion (IMD), very low noise floor, and provide ample output power to drive their intended load. I base my amplifier designs and circuit board layouts on solid engineering and peer-reviewed scientific research, and characterize the performance of the amplifiers by measurements using state-of-the-art test equipment. I make my test results available so you can make the best and most informed purchasing decision.

Analog audio frequency circuit design has been my passion for over 25 years, and I have been designing precision analog circuits professionally since 2005. I love the multidimensional optimization aspect of analog circuit design – and precision analog circuit design in particular. I get an intense satisfaction from pushing the precision of analog circuits as close as possible to the boundaries set by physics.

My passion for precision circuit design aligns well with my desire for high-end audio. While many amps can sound good under some circumstances, generally find that I keep returning to the open and natural rendition presented by a precise amp. 

Should you be curious about my educational background and related work experience, please view my resume here: Tom Christiansen - Resume 

 – Tom Christiansen, MSEE, BSEE, BA (Psych)